Who is Aleisha Beckum from Street Outlaws? Her Wiki, Bio, Dating Life

Aleisha Beckum from Street Outlaws.
Aleisha Beckum from Street Outlaws.

The all-new season of ‘Street Outlaws’ saw our boys from 405 go to California, where they will have to adopt a whole new system of racing called grudge racing. Like always, they have their work cut out for them with strong-looking competition, particularly from Team Boddie. But while Team Boddie is intimidating, one of the racers is the gorgeous Aleisha Beckum which has already won the hearts of her fans with her killer appeal.

Who is Aleisha Beckum?

Aleisha Beckum is a new addition to the show Street Outlaws as part of the Team Boddie from California that will be going against the 405 racers. She may or may not be the fastest racer in California, but she is undoubtedly one of the sexiest.

She hails from Sacramento, North California. Her profile on Match Race Madness tells us that she is 28 years old and has been grudge racing for only around a year but is quickly making her name known in the field.

Aleisha Beckum from Street Outlaws.
Aleisha Beckum from Street Outlaws.

“Aleisha is paving her own path in the grudge racing world with some serious passes down the 1320,” it reads. Her bio further reads that when Aleisha is not grudge racing, she is training to become a better racer by working on her fundamentals and practicing bracket racing.

Aleisha Beckum’s Instagram Page.

In her pre-edited Instagram page, she has put up a short bio where she states her best qualities are having “NO EGO,” and emits “positive vibes only.” However, she¬†seems to have edited her Instagram page completely.

For some reason, she has deleted all but one of her Instagram posts and also edited her bio. Now she has listed her profession as an entrepreneur who is the owner and founder of uProfyt.

She also lists that she is a CA realtor, and similar to her organization, uProfyt’s mission. She aims to “Making An Impact In Our Communities.”

Her Car, Blue Balls.

You can catch Aleisha driving a blue ‘68 Camaro rig which she has boldly named ‘Blue Balls.’ Distractify even cracked a subtle joke about her “driving Blue Balls.” But the car is not a joke, and as Match Race Madness described on their Facebook page, it is neither “your parents old Chevy.”

Her ride is fully modified with “big-time performances with an AES big-block Chevy nitrous engine,” along with “a Power Glide transmission and Mark Williams rear end.”

“Blue Balls looks a little mean,” Aleisha recently posted on her Instagram page.

Aleisha’s Dating Life.

We don’t know much about Aleisha’s dating life. Even before she deleted almost all of her Instagram posts, we were able to have a quick look at a lot of them and saw no signs of a dating life.

If she does have a boyfriend, she seems to want to keep him a secret from everyone for the time being.


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