What happened to Big Chief in Street Outlaws

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief
Big Chief is an American street racer.

Street Outlaws is a show that revolves around the show ‘The List.’ And while the racer sits atop that List constantly changes, the man holding the List is always Justin “Big Chief” Shearer. So while many racers exist in the show’s cast, Justin Shearer has always held the center stage in one way or the other.

Thus, it can be understood why people will get concerned if they do not see Big Chief on the show. But, unfortunately, that is precisely what many people did when Big Chief recently got very little screen-time on the show.

Fans immediately began speculating all possibilities of why Big Chief was missing from a lot of episodes. So, it did not take long for even some baseless outrageous rumors to circulate for Big Chief.

Does Big Chief have a Drug Problem?

One of them was that Justin “Big Chief” Shearer had a drug problem. And the rumor further reasoned his lack of appearance on the show to be because Chief had checked himself into a rehabilitation center after his addiction got out of hand.

These rumors are downright false, and even Big Chief came forward to shut them off. We are not sure why Big Chief was not in so many episodes during this time, but we know that he was heavily focused on topping the List during this period.

Therefore, it may be the reason that he was not seen as much.

Big Chief was frustrated at this time after not taking the No. 1 position on the List for several seasons. Finally, he lost by a narrow margin and landed the No. 2 positions, and this is why he was determined to change that and even built a new car to do so that he called ‘The Crow.’

Justin was focused on Racing.

“Tonight!!! The last list race of the season!!!!! As usual, at the end of every season… I’m sitting number one and busting my a– to make sure everything stays together for at least one more pass,” he even took a moment to write in his social media. “Most of you will remember that no matter how fast the car is, or how hard the crew works… I always end the season at #2. Whether it’s a 5 dollar part, or a driving/tuning mistake…. I just can’t seem to hold on to the crown at the end of the season.”

Most fans even theorized that maybe he was giving up on street racing like some of his co-stars. However, Shearer also responded to such comments saying that he would never give up on the only thing he’s known most of his life.

“I don’t see a time in my life when I’ll ever stop street racing. I’m not looking forward to stopping street racing or nothing like that, but we’ve always done other things with our cars,” he told Drag Illustrated in 2015. “It’s just nobody gave a s–t. We’ve always 10.5 raced and we’ve always tried the small tire thing and we’ve done some Outlaw 10.5 stuff here and there and back-half races and whatnot. We’ve always done that and we love those and we’ll continue to do those as well. It’s just we’re not… we’re not the best at it.”

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief with his family.
Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief with his wife and kids.

Therefore, fans can rest easy knowing that neither Big Chief has a drug problem nor is he leaving Racing.


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