What happened to Danielle Colby on American Pickers?

Danielle Colby
Danielle Colby

Despite several reports to the contrary, we are glad that ‘American Pickers’ returned for Season 21 earlier this year. But, unfortunately, neither Frank Fritz made it to the new season and nor did Danielle Colby.

We know Frank was recovering from back surgery, but what about Danielle. Was she fired from the show? No, definitely not. We are yet to hear a clear answer from Danielle or any other official sources about why she left the show, but multiple factors can lead to her exit.

Why Danielle Colby Left The Show?

Many feel like Danielle, and Mike Wolfe are no longer friends, but that could be far from the truth. One of the genuine reasons that she did not appear this season was the fact that she did not want to come back to work and especially go around the country picking in the middle of COVID. She was dreading going to work.

However, Danielle Colby, in a recent Instagram post, talked about the importance of communication and understanding between employer-employee relationships.

In that topic, she thanked Mike for allowing her to give his permission not to partake in season 21 because of her fears. “Mike knew I was afraid to go out on the road because of Covid, I’m thankful that he saw my fear, took control, allowed me to stay back until numbers decrease and went out on the road himself with Robbie,” she wrote.

“I’m appreciative that my mental and physical health matter to Mike and Robbie,” she added. Thus, most people know that more than being boss and employee, Danielle and Mike share a friendship that is over two-decades-long and won’t so easily be broken.

Other Possible Reason.

Another reason Danielle could be leaving the series simply because she no longer vibes with the show. In another Instagram post with Mike Wolfe, she wrote, “I’ve tried to walk away, thinking it’s just better for the show and my crew if I move on to a new project.”

She explains how her crew members were highly supportive of her for whatever decision she makes. However, the only thing you have to pay attention to is that Danielle has been considering walking out of the show.

But she has not given a concrete answer on if she is leaving the show or not. Therefore, there is a good chance that she will return next season if she still wants to return by then.

Where is Danielle Colby, and what is she doing now?

Well, based on her Instagram, she spent most of her late 2020 and even early 2021 in Puerto Rico. While she did enjoy her time in the exotic country, she was not there for simply a vacation.

She performed burlesque there locally and did much philanthropic work, primarily dealing with animals and orphans. She also advocated against human trafficking, a big issue in the country.

Danielle and her boyfriend, Jeremy Scheuch.
Danielle with her boyfriend, Jeremy Scheuch.

But she also managed to have a good time there, especially since she was with her boyfriend of 6 years, Jeremy Scheuch. She even proposed to him on December 3, 2020.

Danielle since to have returned and already started working with antiques again. Colby seems to be brushing up on her retouching skills on old posters right now.

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