‘Deadliest Catch’ The Saga Breathtaking Accident – 2021 Updates

The Saga of Deadliest Catch
The Saga Accident

The Saga is once again proving to us why it is one of the most entertaining vessels featured in ‘Deadliest Catch’ as it faces another near-drowning accident. Discovery Channel released a clip on May 26 that begins showing a nervous Captain Jake Anderson sensing the upcoming danger as the boat sways uncontrollably from side to side.

Part 1 Of The Saga.

Anderson explains how the boat is the most vulnerable with all its pots onboard, and captains would let their boat’s bottom fill with water to maintain the balance of all the weight. He immediately has his entire crew checking the situation in a hurry.

However, if there is too much weight on the bottom just as the top, Anderson states, “I’m just Going to Sink!” which is also the title of the video that Discovery released.
The crew confirms that indeed their forward is full of water, and Anderson orders the team to pump it all out immediately from both sides.

“A partially filled forward crab tank leaves 9 tons of water to slosh from side to side, threatening the Saga’s stability in the building 20-foot sea,” explains the narrator as Jake slows down as much as he can to prevent the vessel from rolling.

We continue to show the Saga creaking as it leans dangerously to the right side from a wide view angle of the boat. More problems follow as Matt learns that the Rubber Coupling on the pump has also busted, and they have no idea how long it will take to repair.

Captain of The Saga, Jake Anderson
Captain of The Saga, Jake Anderson

Captain Jake has no option but to throw away the pots 50 miles before he gets to the crabbing destinations to lose some weight as a preventive measure, a move that could cost him dearly.

As the crew was throwing away the pots, we hear a small explosion from just where some of the crew members are standing as we see a stream of water gushing out.
And that is the end of the clip title to be only Part 1.

Part 2.

We had to wait an entire day for Discovery to drop Part 2, which begins with Jake Anderson hearing the explosion and frenzy from his quarters. He asks what happened and is disappointed to learn it’s a Hydro leak.

The crew wastes no time in trying to fix the hydraulic hose that leaked. So, Jake’s hit on all sides, as the narrator explains. The shredded coupling would not allow him to pump the water from the forward, giving the boat stability issues and threatening it to sink.

At the same time, the hydraulic hose leak is stopping them from shedding any weight to prevent them from toppling or sinking. As Jake puts his hand over the controls, he explains how even slightly changing the direction of this boat would flip it and probably kill everyone onboard.

As the waves continue to go wild, Jake keeps blurting out the F word repeatedly. Luckily, some good news follows as both the problems appear to be close to being fixed.
Firstly, they fix the hydro leak, and then the pump is also started functioning.

As the boat finally stabilizes, Jake Anderson breathes a sigh of relief. “I don’t know if there’ll be anything but all I can do right now is my best, if I don’t get that final part of crab, a lot of people lose,” he says as the second part also ends. See the whole event turnout in the upcoming episode of Deadliest Catch,

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