What happened to Doughboy on Street Outlaws?

Doughboy of Street Outlaws
Doughboy is one of the famous cast member of Street Outlaws

Like you, we’re also fans of the show ‘Street Outlaws‘ and can relate to the worries that viewers have for the cast members, especially Doughboy.

However, the time has been a testament that more accidents and tragedies occur off cameras than on cameras.

Likewise, one of the cast members who seem to have faced some health troubles from the cameras of Street Outlaws was Doughboy.

With little to no information about the details on the case, fans grow even more worried by the day.

Well, stay with us to find out what happened to Doughboy. Also, we are going to provide you any other updates we have on his health and injury.

Who Is Doughboy?

Doughboy, whose real name is Josh Day, is the oldest son of Jonathan Day. He is known as JJ DA Boss, who manages the racing circuit of ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.’

Doughboy is not among the show’s main cast as he only appears on the show periodically and only on the sidelines.

He also isn’t particularly active on his social media as well. But since he is pretty much a star of the show, a word about him does get around one way or another on social media.

So, it was only natural for information as significant as Doughboy having health troubles to reach our hands.

What Happened to Him?

We were shocked to find out that Doughboy had to be rushed to a hospital as of April 1. It was not an accident or a car crash, as far as we know.

We knew about the incident because a fan shared the news in a private group of Street Outlaws fans on Facebook.

“Say a prayer for Doughboy; he’s sick in the hospital,” he was very brief in the caption of his post. After a few days, his father, JJ, finally gave us little detail about what happened.

According to Day, Doughboy injured the disc at his back. This injury is severe enough to keep him off racing and the show for quite some time.

As we learned of Doughboy, we immediately return to a few years back when he was injured in a past episode of Street Outlaws.

The episode ironically titled ‘Put Your Life on the Line’ saw Doughboy had quite a severe car accident. The car crash caused him minor physical injuries. However, he received more psychological damage.

He struggled to even think about racing again, but he quickly got over his fears and returned to the tracks soon.

When Doughboy stopped appearing on the show shortly after that, fans immediately discussed what the reason could be online.

One user on Reddit suggested he was having “legal issues that kept him from doing the show.”

Doughboy with his wife and kids.
Josh Day, also known as Doughboy, with his wife and kids.

His wife, Chelsea Day, continued appearing and racing on the show, even after leaving the show. And this makes us think that legal trouble was probably not the reason.

But as of his recent troubles, we are just happy that he is alive and well and hopefully returns having totally recovered.

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