What happened to Gary Muehlberger on Port Protection? Truth Revealed 2021

Gary Muehlberger
Gary Muehlberger Truth Revealed

Gary Muehlberger was a famous American reality television personality widely recognized as a star of National Geographic Channel’s television show, Life Below Zero: Port Protection. The television personality died at the age of 75.

Who Is Gary Muehlberger?

Gary Muehlberger was one of the famous American reality television personalities who grabbed attention for appearing on the television show Life Below Zero: Port Protection. Muehlberger had been a part of the show for four decades.

Gary Muehlberger in Life Before Zero : Port Protection
Gary Muehlberger in Life Before Zero: Port Protection

Gary was born in 1945 or 1946 in the United States of America. He died on 17th March 2021, at the age of 75.

Was Gary Muehlberger Married? Who Was His Wife?

Though Gary grabbed huge attention and became a regular personality in the television world, he never opened up about his personal life. Also, he never appeared with anyone introducing them as his wife or partner.

Gary had never appeared in any interviews to open up about his personal life. Moreover, he also did not have social media accounts, making it hard to trace out his private life. However, he appeared with his German Shephard pet dog while appearing on the show.

However, many sources claimed that the late television personality was unmarried. He was single the entire time. Some tabloids argued that he was once a married man and divorced after a couple of years of marriage.

The Exact Cause Of His Death.

Gary passed away at the age of 75. As per Reality Blurred, the late television star died when his house burned down.

On 17th March 2021, the fire destroyed his house in Port Protection on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. His home had regularly featured on the show. After the incident, Gary went missing. Meanwhile, they found a body inside the house. Later, Alaska’s State Medical Examiner revealed that the human remains as Gary.

As per KTOO reports, the rough weather delayed the investigation. Also, the fire incident was an accident, as per reports.

How Much Was His Net Worth Before He Passed Away?

Gary was a television personality who had appeared on the unscripted television show named Port Protection. The reality star had been a member of the Port for almost four decades. People still praise his self-taught subsistence survival skills.

Gary Muehlberger’s net worth is around $150 thousand during the time of his death. However, as per sources, the average salary of the Port security part is approximately $25 618, so he might have received in the same range.

One of his most significant assets is 100 years old fishing boat named The Margaret T.


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