What happened to JB Rader on Moonshiners? His Tragic Married Life

Moonshines JB Rader
Moonshines JB Rader

JB Rader is a rising American television personality who grabbed attention for appearing in the Discovery channel’s reality television show, Moonshiners. The television personality previously also has appeared in documentaries like The Last One and Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life.

How Much Is JB Rader’s Net Worth?

Rader is a rising television personality and legendary moonshiner. The personality, who is currently taking over his traditional family business, came into the limelight for appearing in Moonshiners.

However, as per sources, Moonshiners was not his first television appearance. He previously made his on-screen debut in 2008 while appearing on Popcorn Sutton’s documentary The Last One. Similarly, he also appeared in the 2014 movie Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life.

JB Rader on Moonshiners
JB Rader on Moonshiners

He, however, grabbed attention after appearing on the reality television series, Moonshiners. JB Rader’s net worth and earnings are not disclosed in the media. However, some sources claim that his worth is $1.5 million, whereas some tabloids reported $4 million.

No doubt, Rader earns a high figure of money from his appearance on the television career. As per sources, back in 2019, he had signed an agreement with NC Distillery South Mountain Distilling Company to make legal moonshine. He also has his own Moonshine Line. He even has launched a new moonshine product, Honeycrisp Apple Moonshine. 

Is He Married? His Wife And Kids?

Talking about Rader’s personal life, there is very little information about him in the media. As he often spends most of his time in the forest making moonshine. Ad people only know about his professional career and professional activities.

Thus, it is unclear if Rader is married to his wife or dating his girlfriend or father to his kids. As a result, his current status is quite confusing.

Wiki-Bio; JB Rader Age?

As Rader is a rising personality, there is nothing disclosed about his age, early life, and childhood as of now. However, as per tabloids, he was born in the 1940s to 1950s.

The name and details of his parents and family are unknown; however, his grandfather was a moonshiner.

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