Who is Joe “Dominator” Woods on Street Outlaws?

Joe Woods
Joe Woods also known as Dominator.

Whether it is in the ‘Fast and Furious‘ franchise or real life, it seems like that a guy named Dom will always be a badass racer. Dominic Toretto may be a fictional character played by Vin Diesel, but fans of Street Outlaws know another Dom who is a real-life badass driver.

We are talking about the Dominator, of course, aka Joe Woods.

Who is Joe “Dominator” Woods?

Joe Woods is one of the many racers from the Discovery reality series ‘Street Outlaws.’ He is a bit of a new arrival at the 405 and only started appearing on Street Outlaws from season 6, back in 2015.

He quickly became a fan favorite after impressing the viewers with his skills and talent behind the wheel. If you are wondering where Joe got such a rad nickname, it was something he gave himself.

“My buddy has a website for old-school nostalgia stuff and when my wife set up an account for me, I needed a name. We used Dominator and when I found the Midwest Streetcars website, I just used the same name and it stuck,” he revealed in a past interview.

He still had to live up to the mighty-sounding nickname, though.

Joe Woods’ Net Worth.

Joe “Dominator” Woods’ net worth is estimated to be as much as $1 million, but we have not been able to verify the sum with official sources. Along with racing and appearing on the show, he also fixes up cars and modifies them.

So, all of that should also go into estimating his massive net worth. We don’t know how many cars he owns. We have only seen him drive his dark blue 1972 Dodge Dart on the show.

It seems much like the Dom from F9; Dominator also prefers classic muscle cars. In the show, he has a long ongoing rivalry since the start with Monza.

Meet His Wife; See his Married Life.

Joe Woods is happily married in his life. He has a beautiful wife, Lisa Woods, who shares his passion for cars and racing.

The two even first met when they were attending a car show together, but Lisa was with her high school friends, and they did not get time to get along right then and there. But fate would eventually bring these two together again two whole years later.

Joe Woods and his Wife.
Joe Woods and his Wife,


This time they ended up dating and have not looked back since. After they married, they also had three children together, and all 3 of them turned out to be daughters. The eldest one is 12 years old in names Joelee; Madison is the middle child aged ten, and Cammy is the youngest and only nine years old.

Joe Woods often shares pictures with his family on his Instagram profile. His wife, Lisa, often helps Joe fix up cars and races behind the wheel every now and then. Joe is not very active on Instagram but frequently shares pictures of his wife and daughter in the platform.

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