What happened to Mallory Gulley on Street Outlaws? Wiki, Bio, Age

Mallory Gulley, also known as money girl in the show, Street Outlaws Memphis

There are not many female racers in the Street Outlaws franchise, but we have definitely seen the best of them. But the most talented of them are in ‘‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.We don’t even have to look at hardcore drivers; even JJ DA BOSS’s “money girl,” aka Mallory Gulley, turned out to be quite skilled in racing.

Mallory Gulley in Street Outlaws.

Mallory Gulley appeared like a sidekick to JJ DA Boss when Street Outlaws: Memphis first debuted back in early 2018. Then, she was called “The Money Girl” because she would hold the money bet on the race for JJ, aka Jonathan Day.

Even when she was not racing, she managed to gain a lot of admirers. However, it turned out that Mallory Gulley was not just there to hold the money and look pretty but was actually a pretty darn good racer.

She even raced for the first time in October 2019 and won her first race. Dennis Bailey posted her achievement on Facebook, writing, “Congratulations to Mallory Gulley on her win last night good job, girl.”

Mallory also posted about the race but seemed too shy to boast about her win on Instagram, simply writing, “We had such a good weekend in St Clair! Couldn’t have done it without y’all!”

What happened to Mallory Gulley? Where is She Now?

However, Mallory Gulley has not appeared in Street Outlaws: Memphis for a while now, including the latest season 4 of the spinoff series. Therefore, we expect even more from the daughter of Kenneth Gulley of Gulley Garage and the Driver of the Bounty Hunter.

She is also like a student of JJ DA BOSS who is good friends with her father. There is no reason to worry as she is healthy and well. But we don’t know exactly why she stopped appearing in the show.

It was possibly her own decision to leave the show behind out of her personal accord as she was an important cast member in the show. However, we do know she was also working at her family businesses, Gulley Bail Bonds and KEG towing.

In the meanwhile, we have been able to keep track of her through her Instagram profile.

And we can tell that she is no longer on the show based on just how she no longer shares images from the sets of Street Outlaws. Also, how she does not even share any pictures from a racing track.

It could mean that she was not interested in racing or has grown up from that hobby.

Is She Dating Someone?

We do know one thing that she is doing, and that’s dating. She seems to have found herself a handsome boyfriend by the name of Zach King. They have been sharing photos with each other in both their Instagram profiles since late 2020.

Mallory Gulley with her boyfriend
Mallory Gulley with her boyfriend, Zach King.

They seem to be deeply in love as most of the pictures that Mallory shares currently are of them together, and most of them she captions, “I Love You.” We don’t know much about her boyfriend, Zach, but he mostly posts pictures of him fishing and hunting.

It is written on his Instagram bio that he is an Arkansas State University Alumni. Since Mallory also graduated from ASU, and so did her little sister, Natalie Gulley.

So, they probably knew each other since their college days or at least had mutual friends who introduced them later.

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