What is Mary Padian Net Worth from Storage Wars? Is She dating anyone?

Mary Padian from Storage Wars.
Mary Padian from Storage Wars.

Mary Padian came to prominence after debuting in ‘Storage Wars: Texas’ before moving to the original ‘Storage Wars’ in 2014Storage Wars first premiered in 2010 that set in California. It seems Mary was destined to be there.

Following her appearance on the show, the actress steals the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. Sadly, someone has already got her heart. Who’s that lucky guy? Let check-in details.

Mary loves being in front of the camera. She is a multi-talented personality who can take work and video uploading together. Before she appeared in Storage Wars, she worked as an assistant to the editor of Architectural Digest. At the time, she produced a series of videos titled Mary’s Finds.

In 2010, Mary auditioned for the spinoff of Storage Wars. She got selected and appeared on 62 episodes of Season 2 and 3 of Storage Wars: Texas, which was suddenly canceled in 2014. She also got a nickname called “The Junker.” What happened to Mary after the show got canceled?

After that, she joined Storage Wars. She appeared in season 12 of Storage Wars that aired in 2018 and 2019. She isn’t in every episode of Storage Wars, but she’s still very much a part of the production.

More About Mary Padian.

The actress is very much active all over social media. Padian frequently posts about the show on her Instagram using the hashtag #storagewars.

She and Brandi Passante worked in Storage Wars. Plus, they are real friends and even shared selfies on each social media. Mary stands at the height of 5 feet, but she stands tall and holds her won like Darrel Sheets. In addition, Padian is sassy and hot.

Mary is married to her love or man, Dylan. The couple is enjoying their life. The actress posts numerous pictures with her man, but she doesn’t say much about her man. There’s no doubt that the actress earns a six-digit worth. Mary’s estimated net worth is said to be about $600,000.

Mary Padian is the daughter of John and Teresa Padian, born on August 24, 1980, in Dallas, Texas. Her father was a junkyard operator. Additionally, she has a younger brother, Luke. Mary is close to her family. The actress studied in the University of Texas at Austin. She earned her degree in photojournalism in 2003. Following that, Padian worked as an intern at D magazine.

Mary Padian with her husband, Dylan.
Mary Padian with her husband, Dylan.




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