What happened to Mike and Jerry on Moonshiners? 2021 Updates

Mike and Jerry on Moonshiners
Mike and Jerry on Moonshiners

One of the most famous and loved pairs of the Discovery Channel’s television show ‘Moonshiners’ is Mike Cockrell and Jerry Benson. Cockrell joined the show in 2016, whereas Benson featured on the shoe a few seasons later as his friend. The two have always been there for each other, claiming themselves as brothers for life. The event once opened a joint Facebook account.

But, recently, Cockrell has opened a solo Facebook, which made everyone suspicious about their bond. Also, there is something funky going on their joint Facebook page, causing many people to think they got busted.

Are Mike Cockrell and Jerry Benson Busted?

There is no doubt that moonshining business is quite risky, but it might not be as illegal as we think. The Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control has confirmed that the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would take action if any criminal activity occurs.

The moonshiners have licensed to sell moonshine, so, like other moonshiners, Cockrell and Benson also have a license to distill moonshine for those locations. But how we forget how Popcorn Sutton was once busted. Before the show was produced, he took his life. However, his legacy lives on!

It does not seem like the two are busted. However, just because they are not busted does not mean everything is good between them. There is something fishy going on between Cockrell and Benson, but it is yet to be revealed.

Mike and Jerry on Moonshiners
Mike and Jerry on Moonshiners


Cockrell and Benson seemed to be best friends. They even had their Tennissippi Moonshiners logo reading, Brothers till the end. However, in March 2021, Cockrell uploaded a video to their joint Facebook page requesting fans and followers to follow their new page.

Their new Facebook page is just for Cockrell titled Moonshiner Mike Cockrell. This made everyone suspicious about their bond. Many questions if they are no longer working together.

As Cockrell made a solo profile, many questioned if Benson was only busted. But, that is not true. On 10th April 2021, Benson made a Facebook post that indicates that he is not busted either.

What Happened To Him?

Cockrell and Benson, who opened a joint Facebook page, have now requested to follow Moonshiner Mike Cockrell. This has created another new level of confusion.

Neither Cockrell nor Benson has opened up about their personal lives. Moreover, they maintain an extremely private, low-key life, making it hard to suspect what is going on.

It is precisely not known what has happened to the duo. But now, it seems like they are no longer working together. Instead, as per sources, Cockrell has joined Tennessee Shine Company, where he will be working with four of their distilleries.

Well, this might be a legit reason behind Cockrell started up a new Facebook profile. In one of the recent videos, Benson confirmed that he would be returning to the eleventh season of Moonshiners, but there is still a massive question if Cockrell will return to the show or not.

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