Did something happen to Monza in Street Outlaws

Monza from Street Outlaws.
Monza from Street Outlaws.

The safety of the ‘Street Outlaws‘ cast members is something that is always in our thoughts, as it is on the minds of many viewers of the show. And the frequent accidents and car crash that the guys get in prove our right to worry. One of the recent racers to get in a car crash was Jerry “Monza” Johnston.

What happened to Jerry “Monza” Johnston?

Jerry “Monza” Johnston was in a terrible car crash in a July 2018 episode of Street Outlaws back in its season 11. Monza was racing Chuck Seitsinger when he ended up losing control of his car.

Not only did Monza lose the race, but he also lost control of the car in the end. But luckily, Chuck had already hit his breaks and also deployed his chute, slowing him down enough to prevent a head-on cross-body collision.

However, Monza rides onto the ditch on the right side and ends up rolling multiple times. Thankfully, Monza was almost unhurt and walked away from the accident without any help.

Even his friends and fellow racers were gladly surprised to see him come out of the wreck without any injuries. They even gave out hugs because of how happy they were. Sadly, his car wasn’t that lucky. It was completely destroyed, and although he did not say that it was beyond repair, he opted to drive a different car ever since.

Monza’s Net Worth & Bio.

Monza’s bio has a lot of crucial things missing from his bio. We know that he has been racing for around 40 years, so he was racing since the early 1980s. He has been racing for the List on the 405 since 2003, and he’s an original cast member of the show who has been appearing in the reality series since season 1 in 2013.

Monza seems to have a successful career now. And he is even estimated to have a net worth of around half a million dollars. He previously used to drive a Chevy Monza where he got his name, but after he wrecked it, he changed it up.

Now, he drives a split bumper 1972 Camaro Rally Sport.

Monza’s Wife & Children.

Monza has been a happily married man for a long time now. He tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Tammy Johnston, all the way back in 1986. They have two children together, a son Brandon Johnston and a daughter, Brittani, who are all grown up.

Monza with his wife.
Monza with his wife.


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