Is Precious Cooper Pregnant? Who is She Married to?

Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws.
Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws.

If you loved watching the reality TV series, then you probably familiar with Discovery’s reality series ‘Street Outlaws.’ The show focuses on the streets racers who race in the most ultimate road. Street Outlaws features some of the fastest street racers all over America, from Texas to Kansas to California. Not only men but women also compete in car racing. Among them, Precious Cooper is the one who has been giving men a run for their money.

More About Precious Cooper.

Precious Cooper appeared along with JJ Da Boss in the ninth season of Street Outlaws in 2017. She features in four seasons. Precious is from Florida. She was born to Sara Cooper and Ricky Cooper in 1989. She’s grown up along with her younger sister, Chelsea Cooper. Much of the details about her background are unknown, including her education. Reportedly, Precious studied at Rivercrest High School in Arkansas.

Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws.
Precious Cooper from Street Outlaws.

Later, she came to Memphis, where she met JJ Da Boss. Cooper loves different models of cars and racing from an early age. So she decided to turn her passion into a career. Eventually, she’s trained as a car racer under JJ Da Boss. She has proven that women can also race in high speed.

Her first racing car was named ‘Puddle Jumper.’ After that, she earned her nickname, ‘Queen of the Streets.’ Precious is a huge fan of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ She established herself as a tough car racer. Later Copper was invited to join the cast of Street Outlaws. She earns impressive money through her racing. She sometimes collaborates with JJ Da Boos. Precious has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Is Cooper Pregnant? Married Life.

Rumors are swirling around that Precious Cooper is pregnant. Cooper is very secretive when it comes to her personal life. Precious’s marital status is still a mystery. She never talked about her private life in front of the cameras.

So, it’s uncertain whether she is pregnant or not. If she is pregnant, she won’t take part in life-threatening races. But, no doubt, she will continue her car racing career if she’s expecting.


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