What happened to Sig Hansen’s wife June Hansen?

June Hansen with her husband
June Hansen with her husband, Sig Hansen.

June Hansen’s husband, Sig Hansen, is more or less the primary cast member of the reality show ‘Deadliest Catch.’

A survivor of 2 heart attacks, Sig Hansen, has seen plenty of tragedies in his life. But the greatest tragedies in a man’s life are not the ones that he faces. But the ones he has to see his loved one face.

In this article, I’m going to take you through the tragedy of his wife, June Hansen’s life.

June Hansen Cancer and Health Update.

Sig Hansen got a call from his wife, June, while filming the season finale of Deadliest Catch in July 2019. Being married for so long, Sig understands that his wife is not someone to call him so out of the blue while he’s working. Therefore, he had an intuition that it must be a matter of urgency.

He picks up the phone, and though we couldn’t hear their conversation, we can already tell that it is a serious topic. Sig gets off the phone call completely shaken, and soon we find out why.

He reveals that his wife, June Hansen, was diagnosed with cancer. Although he did not specify what type of cancer, he does tell us, “We do know that this area on her neck is cancer, we just don’t know if there’s more.” We would go on to get only little details on the matter in the future as well.

A spokesperson from Discovery did come forward to update us that June was “doing fine,” and as Country Living reported, she “was lucky to catch it early.” June did seem lively when she attended the 71st Creative Emmy Awards later that same year in September 2019 at the Microsoft Theatre.

She seemed to be healthy, which was nice to find out. But the couple has yet to announce if she is cancer-free or not. Even in her recent appearances on her social media profiles, she does not seem sickly, so thankfully, everything in fine.

June Hansen’s Married Life & Children.

June Hansen has been married to Sig Hansen for a long time. She has also entirely accepted his adoptive daughters, Nina and Mandy Hansen, and is a proud mother on social media as well. And Nina and Mandy are also well aware of it.

“Love you mommy more than you’d ever know,”. Mandy wrote on a selfie she shared with her mother in May 2020. Similarly, another October 2020 post from her Instagram shows Sig and Mandy together with her nephew Jaxsen.

So, not only in June a proud mother but a proud grandmother as well. She also has a short career as a makeup artist. One of the projects she has worked on is the movie John Taylor’s Prom Date, which is set to release in May 2022.

June Hansen and her family.
June Hansen with her husband, Sig Hansen, and daughter.

That is all we have on Mandy Hansen for you right now.

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