Swamp People: Where is the Show Being Filmed?

Image of America's largest wetland and swamp, Atchafalaya Basin
Image of America's largest wetland and swamp, Atchafalaya Basin

History Channel series, ‘Swamp People,’ features the descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in a swamp region. The series captures them during the hunting season. Casts of the show risk their lives going out on the water in the name of catching alligators. So for all who are curious about where the shoot location, let’s find out.

Where is Swamp People Filmed?

The shooting of Swamp People happens on the wetlands in Louisiana. According to research, Atchafalaya Basin is the largest swamp and wetland in the US.

Filming Location.

The Atchafalaya Basin covers around 860,000 acres of water prairies, lakes, and swamps, with a 15-mile wide path through South Louisiana. It is also the largest river basin swamp. Moreover, it is also the home to a large number of alligators.

It’s no surprise that alligator hunters are always busy during the hunting season.

According to various reports, the Atchafalaya Basin has a degraded water quality. In addition to that, it has also reduced forest health and damaged the habitat for animals.

Did you know that the swamp is also a second home for the series ‘Naked & Afraid.’ The show features survivalists that live in extreme environments. Just recently, a Seacor Power Lift boat was said to have capsized eight miles from the coast of Louisiana. With this happening, many crew members of the show are missing.

Image of Swamp People shoot location, Atchafalaya Basin
Largest Wetland in the US, Atchafalaya Basin.

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