Is Todd Hoffman returning to Gold Rush? Why He Left?

Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.

Discovery Network has become a hub for some of the greatest unscripted reality documentary series, and one of the best is undoubtedly ‘Gold Rush.’ It has been a hit over the decade that it has aired on the network, and it looks like the series has at least another decade to go before coming to an end based on the continued positive feedback.

It will be foolish not to credit at least some of the success to the cast, although not all the cast members that were there since the beginning remain in the show. The name that comes up over the rest is Todd Hoffman.

When Did Todd Hoffman Join the Gold Rush?

He has been appearing on the show since season 1 and saw the most development out of any cast members until season 8, when he left the show. He only started mining since he appeared on the show in 2010 after his previous works in an aviation company did not pan out.

Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.
Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush.

However, Todd’s gold mining is still a family business as his father was a gold miner in the 80s, but he wasn’t very successful at it. But Hoffman managed to outrun his father’s bad luck, doing quite well as a miner and being a favorite in the show.

So, the fact that he left so abruptly in early 2018 surprised many people. Oregon Live pointed out before he had left, Todd Hoffman had announced on “Gold Rush: Live” that he along with his family would return to the series after season 8, so what changed?

Why Did He Leave The Show?

We believe we finally have the complete picture of why he left. Well, it was as simple as that Todd Hoffman leaving to pursue other endeavors and aspirations of his own.
Oregon Live explains that “Hoffman (has) started his own production company, Zum Media, and partnered with another production company called Bobcat Studios for several projects.”

But it is unclear if Hoffman is still part of Zum media or not.

TV Showcase pointed out how it has been forever since Hoffman worked on a production company project. And Zum media also has since long removed references to Todd Hoffman and all his accolades from their ‘About’ page on their official website.

Hoffman is still pretty active through his YouTube account, though and frequently makes things like cover songs, some of the most popular of which has been Sound of Silence,” “Don’t Let The Sun,” and “The World I Know,”

He sometimes hosts a podcast called “The Toddcast” on his YT channel but rebranded it to “The Hoffman Report” since September 18, 2020.

Will Todd Hoffman Return To The Gold Rush?

However, it looks like Todd Hoffman may soon return into gold mining and that too with a show of his own.

He has teased fans about the new show and his return with an Instagram post from September 2020 where he wrote, “Looking at a gold mine and believe it might be a play if we decide to go… Praying about it but I’m good either way. We would film unrepentantly and then sell the episodes and own them.”

Are you excited about Todd’s return? Tell us in the comments.

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