Untold Truth about Alisa Mote; Kye Kelly Ex Wife Wiki, Bio, Age, Now

Alisa Mote and her ex-husband.
Kye Kelley with his ex-wife, Alisa Mote.

If we’ve learned anything from celebrity relationships, then it is that they are flaky. More often than not, the celebrities we report are divorced, and it is also the case for Street Outlaws star Kye Kelly. But we’re not here to talk about him, but about Alisa Mote, the lady he divorced.

Who is Kye Kelly’s Ex-wife, Alisa Mote? What happened to her after her Divorce from Kelly?

Alisa Mote was born in Gills burg, Mississippi, on February 18, 1992, to her mother, Brenda Martin. She has two siblings, John Daniel Mote and Crystal Simmons. This is the only thing we know about her early life.

She graduated from the Walden University and went on to become a nurse. The last we heard from her career, she worked at the North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana, where she was employed as a Flex-ability nurse.

Alisa Mote with her daughter.
Alisa Mote with her daughter.

She also volunteers at the Mount Pleasant Elementary School, which she often shared in her social media and seems to be proud of in her posts. Mote was married to ‘Street Outlaws’ star Kye Kelly in August 2015 after getting engaged on March 21, 2014.

They share one beautiful daughter who is Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly, who was born in 2016. Unfortunately, Kenadeigh was born amidst turmoil between her parents.

Her parents’ relationship was going bumpy and filmed shortly before her birth, and they had filed for divorce shortly after her birth, around seven months, to be more accurate. We’re still not sure what caused their divorce, but it’s all behind us now.

What Is She Doing Now?

We are not exactly sure what Alisa Mote has been doing since the divorce from Kye Kelly. While her ex-husband seems to have moved on quite quickly, Alisa has still not reported dating anyone new or seen with a partner.

As many may know, her ex started dating his current girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, in 2017, the same year of their divorce. And by the looks of their social media, they are already living together.

We, unfortunately, don’t even know a lot of what she is doing professionally now.

Mote had left her career behind as a nurse after she married Kelly. But it was believed that she might have returned to it after the divorce. However, we don’t know if she is still working at the North Oaks Health System or not.

She is only fairly active on social media, and even then, she only posts pictures of her daughter. At the very least, we are happy to see that Alisa seems to be doing okay.

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