What happened between BoostedGT and Chuck on Street Outlaws? Did They Fight in Real?

Street Outlaws cast Boosted GT and Chuck.
Boosted GT vs Chuck

Before almost every race in ‘Street Outlaws,’ racers compete in a little bit of trash talking. While, mostly, it is lighthearted intimidation, sometimes it can get a little too hated and even end up with the exchange of fists. We saw one of such moments played out in the 2019 season on No Prep Kings between BoostedGT and Chuck.

What Actually Happened?

The video of their fight, which was uploaded by a YouTube Channel named DNR Auto, went viral. The video showed Boosted GT, aka Chris Hamilton and Chuck Seitsinger, in a heated argument.

As their voices get louder, we were sure it was about to escalate. However, Chuck shockingly uses the water bottle in his hands to throw water in the face of Boosted. Boosted then wastes no time to pounce at Chuck. He wraps his arms around chuck and puts him in a headlock as the two spin around in struggle.

As Chuck frees himself from the headlock, Boosted throws a couple of blows his way, which does not seem to connect properly. By then, Ryan Martin and the rest of the guy near them manage to step in and separate the two.

As the crowd clears, we see that Boosted has managed to rip his shirt halfway at the front. We would not know what could’ve caused such a bitter fight between the costars, who otherwise were pretty good friends.

Why Did BoostedGT and Chuck Fight?

We were pretty much kept in the dark about it until Boosted GT finally reacted to the fight later that year in November 2020. He stated that the reason for their fight did not even concern them but the race that just happened between Birdman and Larry Larson.

Birdman won the race, but he got a red light because of a timing system error. So, there was some confusion as to whom, and while Boosted GT was trying to explain how Birdman won, Chuck kept on insisting that Birdman lost.


Boosted GT and Chuck from Street Outlaws.
Boosted GT and Chuck from Street Outlaws.

Somehow, something so minute and unrelated became heated, and that is where the video of their fight started. Boosted explained how it was Chuck’s fault for throwing water on his face as it is a significant sign of disrespect that mean and tough racers like himself can’t stand by. So, he just went off.

According to Boosted, he purposely went for the headlock instead of swinging at Chuck as a restraint from the thousands of viewers at the event, which included little children.

GT joked about how the “clear loser” of this racket was neither him nor Chuck but his atomic racer shirt, which was almost torn in half. “Look at that! I had my boobs popped out right now, like a wardrobe malfunction,” he quipped.

He later revealed that he sold the torn-off shirt to charity. As of his relationship with Chuck, Boosted mentioned that they were good friends. Moreover, he even helped to do some work on Chuck’s car.

However, Boosted GT agreed that they might never be as good buddies as they used to after the fight. But they still get along and are cordial. So, thankfully the two can move forward from it.

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