Who is Larry “Axman” Roach

Larry Axman Roach from Street Outlaws.
Larry Axman Roach from Street Outlaws.

The cast of Street Outlaws may seem like mean and macho people due to their persona on the show and in the race tracks. However, most of them are primarily harmless family men like Larry “Axman” Roach.

Meet his wonderful family composed of his wife and children below.

Larry “Axman” Roach’s Wife & Kids.

Larry Roach is a happily married family man in his personal life. He is married to his gorgeous wife, Sarah Mattox Roach, since July of 2016. They were engaged at the start of that year, on January 1, 2016.

They already have three children together, two sons and a daughter named Nitro, Cam, and Nova. On top of their three children together, they are co-parents to yet another son named Ryder, their oldest.

While it is known that Ryder was a product of one of their past relationships, we do not know whether he is the biological son of Larry or Sarah. However, it seems like they have themselves a wonderfully blended family as Sarah posted a picture with Ryder’s other parents on her Instagram picture along with their three children.

Larry Axman with is wife and kids.
Larry Axman with is wife and kids.

She captioned the pic, writing, “see this? co-parenting wins.” Larry Roach’s wife, Sarah Mattox, is a fitness enthusiast who loves to share pictures of her training and working out.

She also loves to participate in marathons and has won a few of them. As of recent, she also became a Crossfit trainer in April of 2020. She also works at her family business, a restaurant named ‘Two Sisters Taproom and Deli.

He was once asked at the No Prep Kings event if his wife was the reason he was going so strong in the 2020 season. He answered, “That’s probably the best part of it. She holds it all together, all the way down to loading the car, strapping the car, packing up. Honestly, half the time I’m on the phone trying to keep my business running or dealing with work.”

Larry Roach’s Net Worth & Bio.

Axman is from Altavista, Virginia, and that is all we know about his early life. He was interested in racing since he was ten years old after seeing his cousins’ race.

“Growing up where I grew up – living on a mile dirt road – we were poor, looking back. When you grow up as a kid you don’t realize you’re poor, and that you don’t have the money. I mean, we ended up playing barefooted; we didn’t have a clue! We had family, that’s all we had. So we lived it up!” he said about his upbringing.

“Growing up, I had a couple cousins that were about seven years older than me – I was around seven or eight and they were sixteen – and just watching them play with their cars on the street, it kinda got me, wanting to outrun them. So I think that’s where I got the fever from.”

Despite the humble beginnings, Axman is now one of the biggest stars of Street Outlaws and also the owner of Axman Racing.

Larry’s net worth as of 2021 is around $500,000 to $1 million.





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