What happened to Flip on Street Outlaws? Tyler Gene Priddy’s Cause of Death Revealed

Flip from Street Outlaws Death
Flip from Street Outlaws Death.

Tyler Priddy, professionally famous as Flip, was a popular American passionate drag racer who has yearned for his life racing illegally on Oklahoma’s streets. He grabbed attention for appearing in ‘Street Outlaws.’ Sadly, the passionate drag racer is no more. He died in 2013.

Flip AKA Tyler Priddy ‘s Cause Of Death Revealed! What Happened To Him?

Flip died on 28th May 2013, in his Yukon, Oklahoma home. He was only 31 years old when he passed away. The news of his demise came just a couple of weeks before the season one premiere of the television show Street Outlaws.

During the time, his friends and family did not reveal the exact cause of his death. But, it was confirmed that racing was not the reason behind his demise.

However, later, some sources reported that he died through a gunshot. Some tabloids even claimed the conclusion was suicide. He was put to rest at Hinton Cemetery in Oklahoma.

What Happened After His Death?

After the television personality’s death, Big Chief automatically got ownership of his car. However, Chief later gave the car to Flip’s childhood friend KamiKaze. KamiKaze adopted it in honor of his late friend. He then renamed the car Elco.

KamiKaze claimed that he did not touch the car for more than a year. When he took the first drive, the car caught fire because of jammed brake calipers. Later, it was repaired.

Flip gravestone in Hinton Cemetery
Tyler’s gravestone in Hinton Cemetery

After his death, many fellow drag racers gathered for burnouts in his honor. In May 2021, Street Outlaws premiered a throwback special where the memories from the starting of the show were broadcasted. Similarly, it also premiered Flip’s memory.

What Was His Relationship Status? Was Flip Married?

Flip was a happily married man. He is survived by his spouse Amber and their four children. His wife’s full name is Morgan Amber Priddy. It is unclear when and where Flip and Amber started dating or took their relationship to the next level.

As per sources, they were happily married. The pair welcomed four children, four sons, together. Now, after he passed away, his wife has not been active on social media accounts. Flip is said to be a family man.

How Much Was His Net Worth?

Flip was a professional racer who previously had worked as a storekeeper and at Warren Caterpillar. He had collected a decent figure of money from his odd jobs and his appearance on the television show Street Outlaws.

Flip’s net worth was reported to be around $700 thousand during the time of his death.

His Professional Career Highlights.

In the early days, Flip worked as a storekeeper. He even had worked in the heavy construction equipment dealing company Warren Caterpillar. It was the construction equipment dealing company that helped him fund his drag racing passion.

Flip’s first car was El Camino, which was later named Old Slut. He, however, grabbed attention for appearing in Street Outlaws. All thanks to the show, his friendship with Big Chief, and other drivers! He appeared in only one season of the television show.

Who Is Flip From Street Outlaws?

Flip was an American street racer who grabbed international attention for appearing on the first season of the television series Street Outlaws. Unfortunately, he died even before the show’s second season; however, his legacy is still alive.

Flip was born on 30th November 1981 in Chickasha, Oklahoma, the United States of America. He was born as one of two sons to Gene Priddy and Glenda Priddy. He grew up with sibling-brother Chris.

Flip studied at Hinton Elementary School and later studied at Putnam City High School. He grew up around people who were in love with cars and racing.

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