Doc and Reaper on Street Outlaws? Did They Reunite?

Fight between Doc and Reaper on street Outlaws

The whole premise of ‘Street Outlaws’ more or less revolves around ‘The List,’ where drivers from all over compete to become the topmost racers in Oklahoma City. With each season’s tensions between the racers are sure to rise, especially since trash-talking and intimidation are all part of the game.

Sometimes it may even erupt at times. Of course, the most infamous one was back in 2017 when things escalated to an ugly fight between the Doc and the Reaper. So, now let’s get to know what actually had happened between James Love, aka Doc and Reaper in this review.

Fist Fight between Doc and Reaper.

Now, racers in the show are no strangers to a little back and forth exchange to intimidate as a tactic to win. As good of a racer as the Reaper, aka James Goad, isn’t particularly good at this tactic, meaning he can’t take trash talking lightly.

But water went over his head when in season 10, a back and forth with the Doc aka James Love.

The frustration of losing race after race and being stuck at the 8th rank in the list already had Reaper pretty riled up from sheer frustration before his next race with the Doc. The Reaper walks over to the Doc to negotiate when they are racing.

Fight between Doc and Reaper on Street Outlaws

Fist Fight between James “Doc” Love and Reaper on Street Outlaws.

What Actually Happened?

The Doc is not particularly cooperative with the Reaper’s question and acts like he doesn’t even want to race. They soon begin arguing and throwing verbal abuse at each other.

The Reaper tries to walk away a couple of times, but the Doc keeps bringing up the list. And he even started to point out how his rank is above Reapers. Finally, the Reaper’s had enough and very forcefully shoves the Doc violently.

The Doc quickly catapults back, and both of them raise their fists. The Reaper even chokes Doc slightly before other guys come in to break the fight. As Reaper is being taken away, the Doc even takes a swing at him. But we are not sure if he lands it or misses.

The verbal exchanges continue as the Reaper pulls away to his truck. However, the Doc quickly changes his facial expression from anger to joy as he reveals his plan. The Doc wanted to shake the Reaper up before their race. And he believes that he was successful in doing so with that fight.

Maybe he was right because the two did end up racing shortly after, but the Reaper ends up locking one of his tires at the beginning of the race and swerves his car as he tries to mend it, giving the Doc an easy win.

Final Word.

Thus, this is how one of the most intense fights in Street Outlaws concluded. One Reddit user even compared the fight to the climax fighting scene between Vin Diesel and Jason Statham from the movie Furious 7. But in reality, it almost came down to a fistfight, and that was it.

The Reaper is known for being a hothead. Even in 2016, he had a heated argument with Daddy Dave after losing a race.
For more of such drama and action, you should definitely be watching Street Outlaws.

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