Did Kye Kelley Quit Street Outlaws? Know what happened.

Did Kye Kelly quit Street Outlaws?
Did Kye Kelly quit Street Outlaws?

There is a known absence felt in the racing tracks belonging to none other than Kye Kelley. It has been a couple of years since Kye Kelley raced in ‘Street Outlaws’ or in general.

Does Kye Kelley quit Street Outlaws?

Yes, sadly, he did.

Kye Kelley quit racing at the end of 2018 and has not exactly kept it hidden. Many suspected that he was quitting due to financial reasons as he was selling off a few of his cars and other auto parts.

However, while financial problems were a contributing factor, it may not have been the sole cause behind him leaving racing entirely. But it seems like it was the right thing to do as he has still managed to keep his one foot solidified in the field as he never stopped operating his shop, Kye Kelley Racing, and continued appearing in Street Outlaws.

What Is Key Kelley Doing Now?

His Instagram shows that he is still pretty happy as he gets to work on interesting automotive and racing in his free time. He also has never looked any happier in his personal life as he is dating Lizzy Musi, his girlfriend of around four years since they began right after his divorce with former wife, Alisa Mote.

Both their social media exchanges also make it look like they are in a live-in relationship. One may even think that Lizzy Musi is carrying on her boyfriend, Kelly’s racing dreams through her name.

Kye Kelly and Lizzy Musi
Kye Kelly with his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi.

The former Nitrous Pro Street World Champion has been more active in drag racing on the streets after meeting Kelley and was also one of the biggest contenders for No Prep Kings last season.


We are not precisely sure of other reasons that would force a hardcore racer like Kye Kelley out of racing, especially because of his past. Kelley was working since he was 15 years old to have enough money to buy a car.

He began by racing dirt bikes until he could afford a car. But he would need to work his butt off for years and years as an oil field worker before he had enough money to pursue his dreams of racing.

However, that pent-up passion fueled his racing skills when he finally became a real racer. In the Street Outlaws, he gained notoriety by smoking the competition on his Chevrolet Camaro.

In our opinion, you can take the racer out of the tracks, but you can’t take the tracks away from the racer. Kelley still races informally, and we are sure he will return when the time is right after he’s sorted all the problems that are keeping him from racing.

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