How did Litzi Botello Sons Die on Port Protection? Meet Leland and Johnny

Litzi Botello
Litzi Botello

We have heard many tales of people falling in love and moving anywhere just to be with the love of their life, whether it be across the country or the world! That is what American reality television personality and artist Litzi Botello did. She moved to the remote town of Port Protection, Alaska, with her husband, John Bean.

Who Is Litzi Botello?

Litzi Botello is an American reality television personality and artist who grabbed attention for living on Port Protection. She shares a good friendship with Gary Muehlberger. Sadly, he died at the age of 65. He passed away when his house burned down.

Litzi Botello Son's Death
Litzi Botello Sons

She lives in a remote community of Alaska with only 100 residents living there. Famously recognized as a one-armed Mexican woman, Botello has lived in the Alaska area for nearly 40 years, overcoming numerous challenges.

Besides living in Port Protection, Botello is also an artist. She creates art and is primarily a sculptor. In addition, she has been creating therapeutic aquatic art. She makes it while fishing with her partner.

What Happened To Her Sons?

Botello and her late husband, John, welcomed two children together. The name of their kids is Johnny Duarte Botello and Leland Caulder Botello Bean. His eldest son Leland Caulder was born on 26th June 1991, whereas she gave birth to their youngest child on 28th June 1996.

Sadly, her eldest son died on 10th July 2017. Though the cause of his unfortunate death is still a mystery, many sources claimed that he passed away from an unnatural cause.

Similarly, his younger son is also no more. He died during an accident with a logging truck. His son Johnny, a college valedictorian, suffered a brain injury, jaw fracture, multiple fractures to the left femur, and multiple scrapes and abrasions.

He was kept in a medically induced coma to perform Cerebral Angiogram to check the extent of his brain injury. Sadly, he could not survive. Johnny was a college valedictorian who graduated in the year 2014. He knew carpentry and was hired as a full-time worker.

Litzi Botello Married Life And Kids.

Litzi is often praised for her sacrifices and how she moved to Alaska to be with her partner. The name of her husband is John Bean. As per sources, they first met in their early 20s. She is originally from L.A. County.

Litzi was 22 years old and living in Los Angeles when she first met John. Soon after dating, they got married and moved to Port Protection, Alaska. Gossip mongers reported that they have been enjoying a healthy marital life for over 38 years. Her husband is a fisherman who spends lots of his time focusing on bringing food to his family.

Litzi and John are a happily married couple. There are no rumors about the couple’s divorce or separation problems as of now.

The duo welcomed two kids, both sons, Johnny Duarte Botello and Leland Caulder Botello Bean. Sadly, her kids are no more.

One thing about Litzi is that she is exceptionally private. Though she is a reality television star, she has kept almost everything within herself. She rarely shares anything, and people rarely know anything about her.

Her Husband’s Bio.

Her husband John was born to Diane Bean and Robert Sutherland Bean. He grew up in a large family with five siblings. Regarding his family history, his grandfather George Bean was Motor Mechanist’s Mate in the U.S. Navy during World War II serving in the Philippines.

She Has One Arm.

Well, Botello does not prefer to talk much about her personal life and rarely gives details about herself. She has one arm and often calls herself the one-armed Mexican. It is reported that Botello lost one arm in an accident but did not open up anything about the accident. She never felt it necessary to share about the accident.

Botello is definitely a positive and charming personality who has been leading her life with one arm, where many people take deformities as their weakness. However, Botello once revealed that people need to figure out to get things done.



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