Did the Saga sink on Deadliest Catch new season? What actually happened?

Did Saga sink on Deadliest Catch?

If you have watched the Discovery reality television show ‘Deadliest Catch,’ you might know how dangerous the show is and the life-threatening situations the cast members have to face. Unfortunately, the vessels used and featured in the show also have a high risk of sinking at any moment, so Saga is no exception.

The vessel has been constantly in the spotlight for its consistency in difficult situations, which is why it is one of the most loved boats in the show. However, as the Saga has not appeared in the show’s seventeenth season, many wonder about it.

So, what happened to Deadliest Catch’s Saga? Did the Saga sink? Know every detail of the fishing vessel below:

Did the Saga Sink?

As the show takes on dangerous situations, there is no guarantee of safety. There is a high risk of any boat sinking at any moment, and so is the Saga. However, as per Jake Anderson’s social media, the boat seems to be doing perfectly. The television personality has posted numerous crew videos on Facebook and their recent adventure on the vessel.

Similarly, as per Marine Traffic Report, the fishing vessel has arrived at Dutch Harbor, Alaska, on 13th April 2021. So, the Saga is fine for now, and we can let out a sigh of relief.

What Happened To The Saga? Will It Appear In the Show Again?

Yes, indeed, the Saga has not appeared on the show this season, but many sources have confirmed that the boat will be sailing into the seventeenth season. As the Saga is one of the most liked boats among others in the show, the fans would definitely be disappointed without it in the show.

With the confirmation of the Saga returning to the seventeenth season, sadly, we will not see some other vessels like Scandies Rose. One of the deadliest tragedies of the show was the sinking of Scandies Rose. The incident killed five of its seven crew members.

Many Viewers Thought That The Saga Would Sink.

The Saga is one of the most challenging ships to maintain as given its size and young captain. When Anderson repurchased the ship in 2015, he had to make several renovations to keep it afloat. Even after numerous renovations, the boat has faced countless dangerous situations.

One of the moments when the Saga sank was on the 15th season’s 19th episode when the crew had to repair the rubber in rowdy seas. It was quite a challenging job.

Another risk was when Anderson took Saga through the False Pass strait with limited power. The strait is one of the dangerous and complicated to navigate because of its shallow waters. Fortunately, Anderson made it through, but it was quite a tough one. Eight fishing vessels have been featured in the show Deadliest Catch. 

List Of The Fishing Vessels

F/V Cornelia Marie

Cornelia Marie was built in 1979 and completed in 1989. Horton Boats, Bayou La Batre, Alabama, is the builder of the fishing vessel. The owner of the boat is Josh Harris, Robert Thomas, Kari Toivola, and Casey McManus. Captain Casey McManus and Josh Harris operate it.

F/V Lady Alaska

F/V Lady, Alaska is a fishing vessel that was built in 1992. It sails under the flag of the United States of America. It is 9.75 meters wide and is measured at 37.8 meters in length. The captain of the boat is Scott Campbell Jr.

F/V Northwestern

F/V Northwestern is an Alaskan commercial fishing vessel used for crab, Pacific cod, and salmon fishing. This is the only fishing vessel featured in almost every season of the television show Deadliest Catch and its pilot series.

Hansen’s family is the owner of the boat, with Sig Hansen serving as the primary captain. Edgar Hansen was the boat captain in the past seasons, but now, Sig Hansen and Mandy Hansen are taking overall control over the boat.

F/V Saga

F/V Saga, which was built back in 1979 and is 107 feet in length. Roger Strong was the captain of the first season, whereas Elliott Neese took over the responsibility in the ninth, tenth, and eleventh seasons.

Fifth-generation fisherman Jake Anderson took captaincy in 2015 and immediately rebuilt the boat from the group level. He repainted the boat, fully upgraded the wheelhouse, new refrigeration system, cleaned fuel, cleaned tanks, and rebuilt the crane.

Jake Anderson, Captain of Saga.
Jake Anderson, Captain of Saga.

As per Jake Anderson’s Facebook post, the Saga is doing perfectly. Though the fishing vessel has not appeared in the current season, many sources have confirmed that the boat will be sailing. Jake Anderson took captaincy of the boat in 2015. 

F/V Southern Wind

F/V Southern Wind was born in 1980 and was built by Mitchel Duane Phares, Los Angeles. The previous name of the boat is Seahawker, Sablefish. The fishing vessel has appeared in the reality television show Deadliest Catch since its fifteenth season. Steve Davidson, aka Harley, is the captain of the boat.

F/V Summer Bay

F/V Summer Bay was born in 1981 and was built by Western Boat Co. The fishing vessel started appearing in the show in the 13th season. The captain of the boat is Wild Bill Wichrowski. Nick McGlashan was the deck boss.

McGlashan was found dead in a hotel room on 28th December 2020. As per the autopsy reports, he died of taking a toxic mix of methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl.

F/V Time Bandit

F/V Time Bandit was built in 1991, whereas Giddings Boat Works, Coos Bay, Oregon, is the builder of the fishing vessel. The boat made a television appearance on the show’s second season but was only until the thirteenth season.

However, in the seventeenth season, it has made a comeback. Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand were the previous captains, whereas, in the seventeenth season, Jonathan Hillstrand and Josh Harris are the fishing vessel captains.

F/V Wizard

F/Z Wizard is one of the oldest fishing vessels, build in 1945. It uses a Caterpillar D399 V16 Turbo-Diesel engine. Ira S build it. Bushey shipyard for U.S. Navy. Keith Colburn is the latest captain of the bat, whereas Monty Colburn s the relief captain.

Keith is also the owner of the boat, where Lenny Lekanoff is the engineer of the boat. Gary Soper is the deckboss.



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