Is Edgar Hansen Coming Back to Deadliest Catch? What is he doing now?

Edgar Hansen of Deadliest Catch.
Edgar Hansen

Edgar Hansen is an American reality television personality who was once a mainstay of the Discovery reality television show ‘Deadliest Catch.’ The 50 years old star was pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenage girl. He, however, is also known for being the brother of Sig Hansen, the American captain of fishing vessel F/V Northwestern.

His Sexual Assault Controversy.

The fisherman sexually assaulted a teenage girl in September 2018. As per the victim, he intentionally touched and kissed her.

Hansen was pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation and gross misdemeanor. The television star also later accepted the assault. The court documents also had a handwritten statement where he wrote: I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again.

Where Is Edgar Hansen Now? Is He In Jail?

Hansen was pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenage girl. However, he did not face jail under a plea deal quietly with Snohomish County prosecutors.

As per the reports, Hansen received 364 days of the suspended jail sentence. He then paid $1,653 as court fines. He also had to undergo a sexual deviancy evaluation and treatment. And then, he also had to give a DNA sample to authorities.

His guilty plea comes less than a couple of weeks after his older brother, Sig Hansen, received a year deferred sentence and probation for assaulting an Uber driver. His plea arrangement ordered him to stop drinking and undergo alcohol treatment.

Is He Returning to Deadliest Catch?

Even though Hansen’s case was handled mainly behind the curtains and kept a secret, The Seattle Times revealed specific details. He did not face jail.

However, after the controversy, Hansen returned to the deck of Northwestern but has not appeared on the show. Since then, the Mountlake Terrace resident has not made any public appearances.

There is no doubt that the controversy has highly affected his status. His name is also not there in the crew member list of the boat.

But fans reported that they had spotted him in the background of episodes in the seventeenth season. But, he seems to be mostly out of frame.

Keeping everything away from the spotlight, Hansen seems to be working behind the scenes on the F/V Northwestern.

Was Praised For Carrying Out All Duties Properly.

The Northwestern is the only fishing vessel that has appeared in all seasons of the show. The captain of the vessel is Edgar Hansen’s brother Sig Hansen. He is a legendary figure in the Bering Sea Fishing Community.

Well, Northwestern is one of the best in the business. However, Sig is not the only one to take all the credit for the success; it includes the crew members and, most notably, his brother Edgar.

Edgar made his television debut, working alongside his brother throughout the show. He grabbed international attention for maintaining the crew’s spirits when his brother suffered a heart attack during the show’s filming.

Edgar took all the responsibility for the fishing vessel and completed the duty correctly.

Now, he has not made any television appearances since his controversy.

Short Biography Of Edgar Hansen.

Edgar was born on 14th January 1971 and is currently 50 years old. He was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. He is the youngest son of Sverre Hansen and Snefryd Hansel.

Edgar grew up with two siblings, Sig Hansen and Norman Hansen, who are also involved in the same profession.

Who Is His Wife?

Edgar is a married man. He is married to his wife, Louise Hansen. They are together for around 27 years. In 2009, in an episode of ‘After The Catch,’ the television star asked his wife to marry him again.

Edgar Hansen and his wife, Louise Hansen.
Edgar Hansen and his wife, Louise Hansen.

Together, the pair shared three children. The name of his kids is Logan, Stefanie, and Erik Hansen. Their son Erik once appeared in the Bairdi season of the show. He was on board as a deckhand.

According to gossip mongers, the family of five resides in Seattle.



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