Untold Facts about Troy Landry’s wife Bernita Landry; Children & Grandchildren

Bernita Landry and her husband
Bernita Landry with her husband, Troy Landry.

History Channel’s reality shows Swamp People follows the life of the gator hunters living in the swamps of Atchafalaya River Basin. The cast members reveal their incredible hunting skills in Swamp People. Troy Landry has been a core member of Swamp People. Troy and his family are of the many traditional hunters. His family shows their culture in the reality series. Let’s dive deep to know more about Troy’s wife, Bernita Landry, and his family.

Who is Troy Landry?

Troy Landry was born on June 9, 1960, in Louisiana. He is one of the 14 children, among them two children adopted. He is the oldest of four brothers. His family is involved in hunting for five generations. Landry is the third generation.

Bernita Landry is Troy’s wife since 1981. He and his wife live in a beautiful house made of cypress that he spent a lifetime collecting. They build a waterfront dream home.

The house sits feet from a picturesque Louisiana waterway literally. It also has a 30 by 34-foot living room. The home has been a big part of Swamp People. In addition, the house was featured in a New Orleans publication in 2012.

However, Bernita previously asked Troy to buy his grandparents instead of fixing the old home. Instead, he decided to build by him using the cypress wood he collected. In addition, the couple has a camp at Lake Verret.

The couple is parents to Jacob, Brandon, and Chase. Also, they have grandchildren. If you look at Troy’s social media, you can see the pictures of him and his wife. Bernita and Troy look great together. Bernita is popularly recognized as the wife of Troy.

Who is Bernita Landry?

Bernita was a school teacher. She was born in 1958 to Bernie Joseph Arcemont and Nedia Lege Acremont, making 62 years old now. Nowadays, she is living with her family ad busy taking care of her family. Reportedly, she has a brother named Chris Anthony Acremont.

Talking about her salary, Bernita is a full-time housewife. It’s safe to say that she is living a good and healthy. Bernita’s husband makes impressive money from various sources.

Troy earns a good fortune from his appearance in reality shows. Additionally, he has his own business. He sells merchandise that includes hats, photographs, t-shirts. There’s no doubt Bernita. Bernita enjoys a net worth of $2 million. Additionally, she helped out in her husband’s family business of alligator hunting and crawfish company.

Bernita’s son Chase Landry was arrested in 2016 for firing the shot. He admitted his crime and said he thought the boat was coming straight to him. However, Bernita’s son didn’t attend the court.

Bernita Landry with her family.
Bernita Landry with her husband, kids, and grandchildren.



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