What happened to Brian “CHUCKY” Davis on Street Outlaws? 2021 Updates

The Discovery show ‘Street Outlaws’ has more racers from outside the city who completely steals the show from the show’s prominent cast members. Brian “Chucky” Davis was one of them who appeared in the series and, although still not among the main cast, has technically never left in the viewers’ hearts.

So, what happened to him?

What happened to Brian “Chucky” Davis?

Brian Davis did not have anything significant happen to him in recent times. In 2015, though, he was in a severe accident along with Street Outlaw’s costar, Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief. The two got into an accident amid their race, caught on camera in a taping of season 7 of Street Outlaws.

It happened when Big Chief took on Chucky when the latter’s car got out of control and crossed the centerline. And then it ended up hitting the rear of Chief’s 72 LeMans called Crow.

Chucky and Big Chief Car Crash.
Chucky and Big Chief Car Crash.

At their racing speed, both the cars ended up flipping multiple times before landing on a ditch. The cars were completely totaled both the racers were able to walk out of the accident but with many injuries. David only sustained minor injuries, but Justin, unfortunately, had to be taken to a hospital after breaking two of his ribs and, in turn, bruising his lungs which is also known as Pulmonary Contusions.

Despite their competitive behavior leading to the race and the fact that Davis unintentionally caused Shearer to crash, the two apparently had each other’s safety in mind first.

How Did They React?

“I was told the first thing I asked for when they were pulling me out of my car was ‘Is Brian ok?’ And….today I was told that as they were pulling me out of my car, he was climbing out of his car trying to make sure I was ok,” Big Chief shared on Facebook.

Brian Davis later updated fans that he was ok but his car, a Fox-Body Mustang, was beyond repair.

“Finally getting in and unloaded the car, upon inspection we have decided that the car is not repairable,” he wrote. “Another step is to figure out what I am going to build and where will I get the money from. Starting over is going to be rough but I have a great team and loyal fans to help me. Let’s hear what you guys would like to see me build next for CHUCKY 2.0.”

Still, a friend set up a Go Fund Me link where people donated $1,265.

Chucky has since come back with a new car, a 69‘ nitrous-injected first-gen Camaro.

Brian Davis’ Net Worth & Bio.

Brian Davis is a pretty famous character from the series. He is the leader of the racers from Detroit, Chicago. But unfortunately, neither there are no details about his net worth nor his bio.



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