What happened to Dan Dotson?

Dan Dotson
An American auctioneer, Dan Dotson.

When people want us to talk about “What happened to Dan Dotson?” we have to ask them a question; “When do you mean?” Likely so because the life of Dan Dotson from ‘Storage Wars’ has been riddled with tragedies and dangers.

Learn about all of them and get to know his injury and health updates in 2021.

What Happened To Dan Dotson?

Dan Dotson is an American auctioneer best known for auctioning on the A&E Network’s Storage Wars. He seems like a magnet for dangers┬ásince we only learned of his near-loss of a finger last month as we were writing this piece.

Dan revealed his severe injury on May 4 episodes of the Storage Wars by showing his heavily bandaged arm. He told the rest of the cast members that he got the injury while separating a fight between his two French bulldogs, Louis and Jax. One of them accidentally bit his left ring finger in the scuffle, almost taking the tip clean off.

Earlier in December 2020, he has also posted a YouTube video discussing the injury. In the video, he also posted gnarly pictures of his finger, which was almost completely severed.

Luckily, he reached Redlands Hospital in California in time for them to reattach his finger. Dan further explained in the now-removed video from YouTube that his other dog, Rambo, a mastiff was more successful in stopping the dog fight. And from now Dan will leave it to him to always stop fights from now on.

What Happened To Dan Dotson’s Son?

On a more serious note, Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson, faced a parents’ worst nightmare in September 2020 when their son, Garrett Dotson, was shot. Garrett, 22, reportedly visited a romantic interest near Lake Havasu when he was shot at 3:15 am outside his Airbnb.

Garrett managed to go back inside his Airbnb and called 911. He was taken to the hospital, but doctors realized that he could only be treated at a trauma center in Las Vegas through an airlift.

“He was bleeding internally. The bullet ruptured his vena cava. He was filling with blood,” Laura told news outlets at the time. Thankfully due to the heroic efforts of some doctors and their pilot, he made a full recovery. Laura made sure to thanks them online for saving her son’s life.

As for his perpetrators, Laura revealed that it was “targeted” based on witness reports and probably done by people unhappy with an outsider from California. But thankfully, nothing bad came out of it.

Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura.
Dan Dotson and his wife, Laura.

Tragedy In Dan Dotson’s Life.

Similarly, way back in 2014, fans had to hear about another tragedy in Dan Dotson’s life. As also documented in an episode of Storage Wars, Dan had to be rushed to the hospital after he collapsed at home in mid-June 2014.

Dotson had woke up early that day and kept complaining about having double vision and feeling ill. He had only gotten out of the shower when he collapsed.

His wife called 911 and saved his life as she gave him CPR under the instructions of the 911 operator until paramedics arrived. He was rushed to Palm Springs Hospital, where they confirmed that he had just suffered from a brain aneurysm. Fortunately, he could make a full recovery.

As we do to people who lead such tragic lives, we wish Dan Dotson to have a more peaceful life in times to come.

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