Most Intense and Controversial Fights from Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws Fight.
Street Outlaws Fight.

The reason that the Discovery show ‘Street Outlaws‘ has been a hit is the explosive action that the show has. But some of the most explosive scenes happen outside of the race tracks as fights and arguments are common in the world of Street Outlaws.

Continue reading to know about the wildest and most controversial fights we’ve seen on the show.

Street Outlaws Cast Doc and Reaper.

In season 10, one of the most explosive fights happened between the Doc and the Reaper before their upcoming race. Both the racers struggled to move up on the List and were tired of being stuck in the lower five positions.

While Reaper was getting impatient for moving forward, Doc played it smart. He knew he had to get inside Reaper’s head,, which would be an easy task considering his short-temper.

Street Outlaws cast, Doc and Reaper.
Doc Vs Reaper.

So, when Reaper comes over to discuss the parameters of their upcoming race, Doc annoys him with unclear answers. Things quickly heat up, and Doc takes it a step further by continuously mentioning how his rank is one step higher than him.

Finally, Reaper loses it and shoves Doc away, and as Doc pulls himself back, both of them raise their fists. Reaper tries to strangle Doc with one hand, and it looks like Doc even landed a punch but other racers quickly break up the fight.

Doc’s intimidation works as Reaper makes a mistake in the race later on and loses. But the fight that almost came down to fists remains one of the most fierce fights in the series till now.

Street Outlaws cast Chuck and Boosted GT.

Another physical fight happened between Chuck and Boosted GT in the 2019 No Prep Kings event in Maryland. There was an issue with a race involving other racers, Birdman and Larry Larson.

Birdman won the race, but a common timing system error lit up for Larson, showing him as the winner. Boosted GT, aka Chris Hamilton, was in the tracks trying to explain the confusion, but Chuck was insisting that Larson won.

Street Outlaws cast Boosted GT and Chuck.
Boosted GT vs Chuck

Somehow, the argument got so heated up that Chuck splashed water on Boosted’s face. Then GT, without missing a beat, reacted by pouncing on Chuck and trying to put him in a headlock.

Ryan Martin and the rest of the guys nearby broke up the fight. But it looked like GT got a couple of jabs on Chuck as they were both being pulled away. Boosted GT’s t-shirt was half ripped at the front, which he later joked saying he was the only loser in the fight.

Hamilton later addressed the fight and said while Chuck and he may not be friends anymore, they still talk.

Controversial Fight from JJ Da Boss.

If we’re talking about the most controversial fight in Street Outlaws, it will be the one involving JJ DA Boss.

Chad and Genny Larkin filed a lawsuit in mid-September 2018 against the Discovery Network. They were allegedly assaulted by JJ DA BOSS and other cast members of the show.

According to their lawsuit, JJ reached out to Chad. And then he invited him to be among many outsider racers to compete against the racers of Street Outlaws: Memphis. They were also given thumbs up to “do everything possible to get into the Memphis Street Outlaws heads because that is what the Memphis Street Outlaws were going to do to the invited racers.”

Larkin was simply doing as instructed, but apparently, it did not sit well with JJ and a few others. JJ, aka Jonathan Day, along with Bounty Hunter and some other racers, “threw punches at Larkin and tackled him to the ground.”

The suit reads: As Larkin went down, he felt pain in his leg, and his muscles and tendons were ripping. At that point, Larkin was on his back with his face exposed. The Bounty Hunter and Day continued the assault, punching Larkin in the face repeatedly and kicking him in the ribs.

“As the assault continued, Larkin literally believed the Street Outlaws were attempting to kill him. He literally feared for his life,” the suit continues. The couple also blames the camera crew for not intervening in the fight with a producer instead of instructing a cameraman to get better angles.

These were some of the most intense and controversial fights on the show.



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