What happened to James “Doc” Love in Street Outlaws?

Image of street car racer, James Love "Doc"

Many fans have missed James “Doc” Love on “Street Outlaws” for a while now. He and his car, 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, named ‘Street Beast,’ have not been in action. Fans would naturally come to miss them after they were such a dominating presence on the racing tracks.

Something severe did happen to Doc, which is why he has been absent in the reality show. Here is all we know about “What happened to James “Doc” Love in Street Outlaws.

What Happened to Doc on Street Outlaws?

It turns out that the Doc and his car, Monte Carlo were in quite a serious accident in 2020. James Love shared the disheartening news to his followers on his Facebook on September 20, 2020, and detailed most of everything we wanted to know.

“Me and the Street Beast were in an unfortunate big end accident while filming a very important race in Nebraska for the OG show,” Doc stated and soon described all the necessary details of what followed.”Car barrel rolled 5-6 times and even knocked three 8- to 10-inch round Cedar trees clean off at the ground,” he explained exactly how the crash took place.

“You can call being yellow, black, blue, green, and a wonderful shade of purple from my neck to my calves. I am also still struggling with symptoms from a bad concussion,” he talked about what injuries he sustained in the crash. I was knocked out for 20-30 minutes and remember NOTHING about the crash or even the race for that matter.”

He ended his post by thanking all of his friends, family, and friends who supported him throughout the terrifying ordeal; “I want to give a huge shout out to my family, friends, and some fans for reaching out to me with prayers and support.”

Image of James Love's car crash
James “Doc” Love involved in a crash while filming for Street Outlaws’

When will he Return?

We can’t be sure of when Doc would return, but we’ve been keeping track of his recent social media posts. The Beast racer, Doc, seems to have recovered pretty well from the accident, which happened over half a year ago.

He is also rebuilding his car slowly. But he is not looking forward to considering all the time, effort, and money he has to spend on it. Especially after the pandemic already hitting his business and earnings.

He was thankful for his car’s solid roll cage to keep him alive through the crash. But he was no less upset about having to rebuild the car.

“Not really looking forward to the rebuild process as 2020 and COVID has not been kind to the wallet. But we WILL come back better, stronger, and faster somehow!” he wrote, not holding back on his feelings on the matter.

Hopefully, he will return to ‘Street Outlaws’ very soon and be racing again.

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