Is Kayla Morton Married to Boosted GT? Her Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Kayla Morton
Kayla Morton, a racer on the show, Street Outlaws,

It must be exhausting to be a girl sometimes, right? You work hard in your career, but no matter how much you succeed, the only thing that people seem to be curious about your married life. Such must be the reality for Kayla Morton from ‘Street Outlaws,’ who always gives it her best out there to become the 1st female racer to get at the top of The List.

However, people seem to be more interested to know if she is married. Primarily since she is known to have a relationship with Street Outlaws‘ co-star, Boosted GT.

So, we apologize to Morton; we are here to serve the people. So, without further ado, let us answer if Kayla Morton is married to Boosted GT or not.

Is Kayla Morton Married to Boosted GT?

No, Kaylan Morton and Boosted GT aka, Chris Hamilton, are not married. But they are dating each other and have been in a relationship for quite some time. However, the couple already has two children together.

Both their kids are sons named Austin and Cooper.

We get to see a lot of both Austin and Cooper on Chris’s Instagram. And judging by the number of car toys they have and their love for anything with wheels, it seems like they will be following their parents’ footsteps when they grow up.

They may be dating and parents to two kids, but that does not stop them from holding back each other on the rare occasions that they are petted against each other in the race tracks. For example, they¬†raced a few times at the ‘Bounty Hunters 2 No Prep Grudge Nationals’ in 2017 on a wager that the loser had to change their younger son Cooper’s diapers for a week.

Boosted GT got lucky and won the first race, but Morton could win the rest of their bouts. So, I guess Boosted had to change dirty diapers for a week.

How did They meet?

Despite having such interesting chemistry and romance between each other, things were far from this when they first met. They, of course, met as two street racers, and Kayla hated his guts before they got to know each other.

kayla morton and chris hamilton
Kayla Morton with her boyfriend, Chris Hamilton.

“Originally, when Chris and I raced on the street, we didn’t love each other. Until that episode. Then, we started dating,” she told Dragzine in 2019. But now that they’ve been happily together with each other for so many years, Kayla has come to have newfound gratefulness towards having a boyfriend like Chris and their dating life.

“It’s extremely hard to find a partner who loves the sport, and is so ‘poured into’ it, as you are,” she told the magazine. “So when you find somebody that understands the lifestyle and the sacrifices it takes, you hang on. Our whole life has revolved around cars, and racing. It’s our life.”

Kayla’s Net Worth & Bio

Not much is to know about Kayla Morton’s early life, only that she was born on February 27, 1987. This makes her 34 years old as of 2021.

Her father, Stanley, was a professional racer and played an essential role in her interest in building cars and racing. The car that she uses to race is an orange and white 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang with a 302 Small Block Chevy engine, Small Tires, and single Nitrous Plate.

Her net worth is approximately $350,000 from her racing record, like how she won $120,000 in 2018 from award money alone.

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